For broadcasters requiring a simple distribution of EPG metadata to selected platforms

Different metadata files and formats, constant schedule updates, editorial mistakes and a changing time horizon make it difficult for many TV operators to deliver a constant flow of up-to-date metadata. GVIDI has solved all these problems by a single solution which is updating only additional information on your client devices. GVIDI monitors all the data as well. A cost-efficient and long-term solution for operators who require a basic EPG.

Data enrichment

Our Basic EPG solution is real-time updated and enriched by the broadcasters. GVIDI makes sure the files are delivered according to international specifications. GVIDI provides all standardized fields like ID, Chanel, Start & End Time, (Episode) Title, Genre, Broadcaster, Short Synopsis, Serie & Episode synopsis, Cast, Series ID, Season & Episode number, Parental Rating, Country & Year