Tijn Smithuis

Tijn Smithuis started his career in 1999 at KPN. During these years he introduced their TV services. In 2006, Tijn started working for Ziggo, where he developed their first interactive TV box together with Cisco, Eventis and other companies. Tijn has been working with metadata throughout his career and has been responsible for the acquisition of metadata as well. After a sabbatical in Bhutan, he decided that there should be at least one company that could deliver metadata to the specific needs of TV Broadcasters.

Richard van Dijk

Richard van Dijk introduced the first EPG services for digital TV at Cai Westland & Casema in 1999. As Owner of Info Thuis Media, Richard has been working with EPG metadata ever since.

Ron Koene

Ron Koene has been working with EPG metadata for over 15 years. The complete operation, from data insertion by the single broadcaster up to the delivery of hundreds of channels by the TV operator has been his focus point. Ron and Richard develop several EPG systems like the IDM100. The IDM100 monitors all metadata up to client devices and is currently implemented by Ziggo, Caiway, Delta, UPC, SBS Broadcasting and Chellomedia.